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Three Living Room Colour Ideas

Three Living Room Colour Ideas

Thinking of some summer renovation work? If yes, what better place to start than you living room? Recent research has suggested the average family spend on two hours per day each in the living room making it the most popular behind the kitchen and bedrooms of course.

And although the kitchen has shot to popularity in recent years as the one room that people have to get right, for us, the living room still holds pride of place. It’s where you chill, wind down, watch your favourite shows and maybe even recover from the odd hangover.

So, decorating it is key as it needs to be a room which reflects how you want to feel when you’re in it. Now, as a brand which is all about comfiness and coziness, we’re going to suggest this room is a chilled out space where you can get close to those that you love. We’ve picked three top colours here which will help you to do that with a little reasoning for each.

Khaki Green

Khaki Green Living Room

Khaki had a spell of being the truly ‘in’ colour about ten years ago and for us, it never really went away. A light shade of khaki complements whites, beiges, greys and natural wood. So whether it’s soft furnishings or built out shelves, consider Khaki for your zen space.


White living room

It was always going to be here, wasn’t it. A crisp, matte white is totally timeless and what doesn’t it go with? It’s the support that every fancy splash needs and if you don’t like getting the paint brush out too often, relax in the comfort of knowing your white (what ever it is!) will be looking just great in five years’ time.

Pale blue

Pale blue living room

Pale blue walls give the room in this snap a calming vibe, while white ceilings help break up the blue and make the room feel lighter and airier. It’s often been a colour associated with babies for obvious reasons, but a sky of light blue backdrop mixed in with navy or even gold detailing looks modern, classy and sophisticated.