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All about fluffi!

As a new business (launched in Oct 2019) we're often asked why we started fluffi.

There isn't a blanket or cushion supplier that makes super soft products, which stay super soft, without costing upwards of three figures. 

Many of our competitors, which operate on the high street and at retail parks, get good sales from a product which is, at first, relatively soft to touch - I've bought plenty myself. But, after putting these products in the wash or using them for a matter of weeks, it's easy to see they lose their super soft feel. And suddenly your cosiest blanket, which is meant to give you that warm snug feeling when you're all wrapped up, is gone.

And so fluffi was born. 

Our products are made using the highest quality faux fur, which gives a super soft feel on all blankets and cushions for months and months. Just ask that guy 👆

The first two months of business have been fantastic for us. We're yet to receive anything other than a five-star rating and haven't had any negative feedback. 

That said, we always want to make our products better too! If you have any feedback whatsoever, please let us know by contacting hello@myfluffi.com